Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Weekly "Home Blessing"

I have written about my weekly "home blessing" before, but my home blessing today looks much different than it used to.

I first got the idea of the weekly home blessing many years ago from Flylady. I started with her list and, over time, developed my own list that fit my own situation. What used to work then, though, doesn't work now because we moved and things have changed.

We have lived in, what used to be my dad's house, since October of 2016. It has taken time, but, over the months that we've lived here a new cleaning routine has taken shape and a revised "home blessing" occurs on a weekly basis...generally on Mondays. 

(At least that is the target date each week. Sometimes something comes up and the home blessing doesn't take place until Tuesday or Wednesday, but I don't think that a week has gone by since getting established here that it has been skipped altogether.) 

The weekly home blessing is not a substitute for, or meant to be, a deep-clean by any means. It is designed to cover surface cleaning that can be done quickly, yet makes a world a difference in the look and feel of your home.

(Monday is my main wash day, too, so I add laundry tasks to my home blessing list, but that's because it works well for me and my schedule. Not everyone would probably want to pile that much stuff into one day, but I sort of have to make everything work on my end.)

So, what does the weekly "home blessing" look like? For me, it looks like this:

Each Monday morning I make a list of all my cleaning tasks. As I complete each task in a specific room, I cross it off the list. When all the tasks in that room are done, I cross that room off the list and move on to the next one. 

(And none of these tasks take very long. In fact, some of them take less than a minute to complete; laundry, of course, takes the longest.)

My basic "home blessing" task list looks like this:


- straighten
- wipe mirrors 
- dust and oil furniture
- vacuum 


- straighten
- dust
- sweep 
- mop


- straighten
- wipe mirrors
- dust
- swish tub, sink, and toilet
- clean toilet bowl
- empty trash
- wash rugs
- wash dirty towels and washrags
- wash shower curtain (first Monday of each month)
- sweep
- mop

Van Gogh Room (Office)

- straighten
- dust
- vacuum


- straighten
- dust
- clean glass shelves
- wipe window panes in front door (first Monday of each month)
- vacuum

Kitchen and Back Porch 

- straighten
- wipe down dish-drainer
- do dishes
- wipe stove and counter tops
- straighten fridge
- clean microwave
- take out trash
- sweep
- mop
- sweep back porch
- wipe down washer and dryer


- bedding (first Monday of the month)
- darks
- towels and washrags
- bathroom rugs
- shower curtain (first Monday of the month)
- whites

Well, that's what my weekly "home blessing" looks like. Do you do a weekly home blessing in your home? If so, what does your list look like?

Until next time...



Deanna said...

Calling cleaning the HOME a HOME BLESSING is wonderful. Like it!

Laura Lane said...

Looks like I really threw you off schedule this week! These days, I can't imagine having energy enough to do all that. God bless you my friend. It's good to see your blog come up in my feed often.

proverbs31heart said...

You didn't throw me off schedule one bit, my friend. I try to live life in such a way as to always allow God's "Plan A" to take precedence over any plans or agenda that I might make. I find that my "home blessing" quite often takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even late Friday or Saturday night...and that's fine. Thanks for encouraging me to get back to blogging. I'm enjoying it! Love you! <3